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Village Kicks Off 75th Anniversary With Interfaith Prayer Service

Posted: January 26, 2007 by GEORGE

Condensed From The Westbury Times, Westbury New York, January 25, 2007. By Victoria A. Caruso

The Incorporated Village of Westbury will turn 75 years old this year and various celebrations are planned that will include all facets of the community. To kick off this milestone, the village held an Interfaith Prayer Service and reception on Jan. 13 in honor of "Celebrating Westbury Village - A Community for All Seasons."

Some 200 people gathered in St. Brigid's Church for the interfaith service, which featured representatives from throughout Westbury's religious community..

Following the service, a reception was held at St. Anthony's Hall. At this time, village officials discussed anniversary events being planned throughout the year as well as welcomed Drakeford Levi, former Westbury resident and founder and president of Dansan Organization, Inc. - a Manhattan-based nonprofit global human rights and duties organization - and descendant of Eliakim Levi, leader of the earliest community of freed and runaway slaves in the United States and a conductor of the Underground Railroad - the Long Island Spur.

Levi spoke about how the Quakers - particularly Elias Hicks - were instrumental in bringing the Underground Railroad through Westbury. He also introduced Canadian authors Darril and George Fosty, whose new book Black Ice focuses on the Colored Hockey League. (An article on the Levi family, Underground Railroad in Westbury and local ties to the Colored Hockey League will appear in an upcoming issue of The Westbury Times.)

Support of Westbury residents is needed to plan events throughout 2007. In planning the itinerary, the village plans to hold open meetings at the Westbury Community Center; the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. During these meetings, residents will have the opportunity to join committees that will work to formulate the celebration program. Everyone is welcome to join in the planning. For more information about the Village of Westbury's 75th anniversary celebration, call 334-1700 or visit .

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